Tuesday, March 16, 2021

John Dewey Memorial Conference: A Joint Meeting of the John Dewey Society and the North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society with the UVM Department of Education - Call for Proposals

John Dewey Memorial Conference

 A Joint Meeting of the John Dewey Society and the North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society with the UVM Department of Education

Due: June 1, 2021



 The John Dewey Society aims to foster intelligent inquiry into the pressing social
problems of our time, especially pertaining to the place and function of education in
resolving such problems, as well as to share, discuss, and disseminate the results of
such inquiries.


The John Dewey Society invites paper proposals for its annual meeting, to be held in Burlington, Vermont on October 8-9, 2021. Come join us for a weekend of scholarship, community, and experiential learning—all in the place that Dewey once called home.

To acknowledge the wide impact of Dewey’s work across philosophical scholarship, community organizing, education, and more, we issue a broad and open call. We seek submissions that take up the ideas and spirit of Dewey in new and creative ways. We welcome papers that apply Deweyan approaches to engage philosophical issues and analyze social, political, and educational situations. We request papers that use a Deweyan lens to provide directives through challenging times and environments. We invite papers that continue the Deweyan legacy by opening new conversations about the continued relevance of the American Pragmatist tradition.

Accepted submissions will also be considered for publication in one of the journals sponsored by the John Dewey Society, including Education & Culture, the Journal of School & Society, and Dewey Studies.

How to Submit

Submit all proposals via email with an attachment as a Word document. All proposals are due by midnight EST, June 1, 2021, via email to Kyle Greenwalt, John Dewey Society President-Elect, Associate Professor, Michigan State University, greenwlt@msu.edu. Any questions should be directed to Kyle. Proposals accepted for presentation will be notified no later than July 1, 2021. Full papers will be due by September 15, 2021 for the discussants to prepare remarks.

Proposal Guidelines

Part 1

Using the subject line, “JDS Proposal,” send an email to greenwlt@msu.edu with the following information included in the body of the message:

(1.) The title of your paper
(2.) Your name, title, and institutional affiliation (if any)
(3.) Your address, phone, and email address
(4.) An abstract of up to 100 words
(5.) The status of your JDS membership (current member, interested in
joining, needs more information, etc.)
(6.) Are you a graduate student who is interested in being considered for
the John Dewey Society Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award?

Part 2
Attach a Word document to your email. That document should have all identifying information removed for anonymous review. In that Word document, please provide the following:

(1.) The title of your paper
(2.) A descriptive summary of your paper (maximum length 1000 words), explaining your paper and its significance. List several references to place your contribution in the broader scholarly conversation.

Learn more at: https://www.johndeweysociety.org/

Thank you for your interest in progressive education, social
amelioration, and the John Dewey Society!