Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dewey Studies Journal - Call for Papers

Call For Papers: 

Dewey Studies is pleased to invite submissions for publication in this peer-reviewed journal dedicated to furthering the vital philosophical work of John Dewey. For more information, please visit Dewey Studies at

Aims and Scope: 

Dewey Studies is an online, open-access journal of the John Dewey Society dedicated to furthering understanding of John Dewey’s philosophical work and enlivening his unique mode of engagement with the vital philosophical questions of our time.

Dewey Studies welcomes articles engaging with Dewey’s philosophical interests, broadly understood—whether metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, philosophy of science, psychology, democratic theory, philosophy of culture, or a number of other fields.

We ask that authors whose works deal primarily with the philosophy of education consider instead submitting to one of the John Dewey Societies’ education focused journals: Education and Culture or The Journal of School and Society.

Dewey Studies seeks to publish articles that:

(1) Contribute to the ongoing exegesis and analysis of Dewey’s philosophical positions.
(2) Demonstrate how Deweyan resources can help resolve problematic situations: not only within the philosophical tradition, but more broadly as well.
(3) Situate Dewey as a significant figure within the history of philosophy (and history more broadly), by showing how he influenced and was influenced by others.
(4) Discuss the relationship between Dewey and American philosophy, especially American pragmatism.
(5) Appeal to the interests and needs of Dewey scholars.

Submission Guidelines: 

To submit a manuscript for publication, please send an email to:

Jared Kemling, Associate Editor

To submit a book review or inquire as to what books are available for review, please email:
Daniel Brunson, Reviews Editor

Your submission should:

(1) Conform to the aims and scope of the journal.
(2) Contain a cover letter as an attachment (.doc or google doc) with an abstract of the
article, as well as your contact information. The cover letter should be clearly labelled
with your name and article title, such as—DS Cover Letter: Your Name, Article Title.
(3) Contain your essay as an attachment (.doc or google doc), prepared for blind review, with
a clearly labelled title such as—DS Submission: Article Title.

Your essay should follow the following formatting guidelines:

(1) 5-8k words (preferably), submitted as a single paginated file.
(2) Follows the Chicago Manual of Style, with citations included as footnotes.
(3) Submissions should be in English. US and UK spellings are both acceptable, as long as
the essay is internally consistent.
(4) Double quotation marks should be used for quotes, with punctuation generally falling
inside the quotes (see the CMS for details).
(5) Single quotation marks should be used for quotes within quotes, or as scare quotes for
emphasis. Punctuation generally falls inside the quotes (see the CMS for details).
(6) Dewey Studies follows citation guidelines set by the Center for Dewey Studies, as follows
(adapted from the Center’s website):
     (a) Standard references to John Dewey's work are to the critical (print) edition, The
Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953, edited by Jo Ann Boydston
(Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1969-1991),
and published in three series as The Early Works (EW), The Middle Works (MW)
and The Later Works (LW). These designations are followed by volume and page
number. "LW 1.14," for example, refers to The Later Works, volume 1, page 14.
In order to ensure uniform citations of the critical edition, the pagination of the
pr int edition has been preserved in The Collected Works of John Dewey,
1882-1953: The Electronic Edition, edited by Larry A. Hickman (Charlottesville,
Virginia: InteLex Corp., 1996).
      (b) Sample Citation: John Dewey, The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953,
ed. by Jo Ann Boydston (Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois
University Press, 1969-1991), LW 14:311.
      (c) After the initial citation of the Collected Works, it is acceptable for subsequent
citations to only feature the shorthand designation (i.e., LW 14:311).

Copyright of all published work remains with the author(s). As an open-access journal, we
encourage authors and readers to share our publications freely, with appropriate
acknowledgement. As a matter of standard academic practice, any subsequent print appearance
of a work published in Dewey Studies should acknowledge that prior publication.