Friday, March 7, 2008

Workshop March 26 in new York

The Commission on Social Issues of the Dewey Society is charged to facilitate communications among members of the Dewey Society and the public on pressing social, cultural and educational issues.

Today’s front-burner issues include rising racial re-segregation, ubiquitous high-stakes testing, undermining of public education by charter and voucher plans, and the attack against evolution in science education. Tomorrow will bring fresh assaults against the ideals of progressive democratic education for all.

The Commission will hold its second annual workshop at the JDS meeting in conjunction with AERA in New York on Wednesday, March 26, 12:25pm to 1:55pm at the New York Marriott Marquis Times Square, Room: Marquis Ballroom, Salon A, 9th Floor

Please attend and participate in this workshop.

Last year more than 30 members of the Society engaged in a lively and productive conversation about how the Society could assist members in contributing to the public discourse on education, society and culture in the spirit of John Dewey.

One of the by-products of that session was the founding of the blog Social Issues. A second was President Jim Garrison’s decision to select topics of broad public interest for this year’s John Dewey annual lecture and annual symposium at AERA. The Commission for Social Issues and the Dewey Society are also thinking about sponsoring a series of “Progress Reports” – white papers on current and emerging issues accessible to policy leaders and public audiences. Your help is essential to the success of this venture.

Please come to the workshop and assist the society in moving beyond its great success as an interllectual forum so that it can add its voice to public conversation.

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