Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Memory Business

"Bud the Teacher" is a wonderful and widely viewed education blog.

Many teacher blogs link to it, so "Bud" is able to influence a lot of people.

In a recent post Bud quotes Ken Burns, who says:

I'm in the memory business, and each time a person dies, it's a whole library of memories that leave.

Bud adds: I hope we're all just a little bit in the memory business.

All scholars and teachers are in the memory business -- research of all sorts is our link to collective memory and teaching is our way of bringing it to conscious awareness.

Progressive scholars contribute to that awareness through memory-gathering research and teaching, but also through communications in the public media and, like Bud, through blogs.


Matt Penniman said...

Would you mind adding a link to Bud's blog in your post? Thanks!

Leonard Waks said...


I provided a link, but somehow the blogger software let me down.

I'll go back into the Bud site and try again.

If all else fails I can leave a URL that doesn't link.


Leonard Waks said...


I got tthe URL in there, but the blogger doo dad is still not working right.


philip said...

I am so grateful to see this space!

Thank you for taking this step...