Monday, March 6, 2017

Summer Seminar on the Future of Philosophical Practice

Summer Seminar on the Future of Philosophical Practice:

University of North Carolina at Asheville
Friday July 14, 2017—Sunday July 16, 2017

DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS is Sunday April 9, 2017

We invite abstract submissions (600 words) to read a 30-minute paper on the Main Program. The local hosts are Brian E. Butler and Grace Campbell. They are collecting the 600-word abstracts for committee consideration. Please submit your proposals to his address ( He can also answer questions about local accommodations. 

“Come on down a day or two early – Asheville is beautiful in early June!”


This summer seminar brings together a “continental congress” of philosophers, and other related stakeholders, to discuss the future of philosophical practice (within and beyond the academy).

We are interested in any paper proposal that engages with our theme, broadly construed. 

For example:

• Genealogies of the problems facing professional philosophy
• Philosophy beyond the traditional philosophy department
• The economics of practicing philosophy (e.g. philosophical coaching, and other models)
• The role of public philosophy in an uncertain age
• Intersectional, decolonized, and other alternatives to mainstream philosophy
• Reading, Teaching, Practice: Philosophical Curriculum in the Twenty First Century

In addition to our regular conference schedule, other activities are planned such as:

a Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA) panel. SOPHIA will host a panel intended to introduce people to what we do. SOPHIA’s mission is to build communities of philosophical conversation, locally, nationally, and online. We will invite key local community members to come talk about “Ethics at the End of Life.” We will begin our discussion with a short reading: “It’s Over Debbie,” on the basis of which we will all be on the same page. For more information about SOPHIA and our panel, visit, or
email Executive Director Eric Thomas Weber at

a Graduate Philosophy Pilot Program Working Group: a working group, meeting throughout the weekend, to plan the foundations for a new pilot graduate philosophy program. The goal is to create a program that can address the structural, fiscal, and economic problems facing the current professional model of doing philosophy. The working group will create a steering committee to continue after the meeting. The Graduate
Philosophy Pilot Program Workshop will start with an evening introductory meeting on Thursday July 13, 2017. If you are interested in participating in the working group contact Eli Kramer at:;

and The American Institute of Philosophical and Cultural Thought (AIPCT) (www.americanphilosophy.netwill host an informational and discussion panel about the future of cultural thought, as a whole, led by Randall Auxier of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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