Thursday, March 24, 2016

The 2016 John Dewey Society Annual Meeting

The 2016 John Dewey Society Annual Meeting will be held concurrently with the American Educational Research Association Meeting in Washington, D.C. from Friday, April 8 through Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

The John Dewey Society
Annual Meeting

 Washington Convention Center, First Floor Room 103A

FRIDAY, April 8
12:30–2:00 pm John Dewey Symposium:
                         Race, State Violence and Education after Ferguson
                         Paul C. Taylor, Penn State University
                         Sheron Fraser-Burgess, Ball State University
                        James Earl Davis, Temple University

2:15–3:45 pm   School and Society Forum:
                         Public Schooling and the Quest for Racial Justice
                         Liz Collins & Anna Laura Grant, Washington Latin Public Charter
                         Chair: Kyle Greenwalt, Michigan State University

4:00–6:00 pm   John Dewey Lecture:
                        The Continuing Challenge of Progressive Thought
                        Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Bard College

6:00–7:30 pm John Dewey Society Reception

8:45-10:00 am Philosophy of Education and Educational Studies
                    Editors Round Table
                     Christopher Higgins, Educational Theory
                        Jessica Heybach, Critical Questions in Education
                        Peter Nelson, Democracy and Education
                        Kyle Greenwalt, School and Society
                        Bruce Maxwell, Philosophical Inquiry in Education
                        Chair: Eli Kramer, Southern Illinois University

10:00–11:00 am  JDS Student Working Group Meeting

11:00–12:15 pm Executive Board Meeting

12:30–2:00 pm John Dewey and American Philosophy Panel:
                         Democracy and Education at 100
                     Peter Nelsen, Appalachian State University,
                        “Why Self-Direction Requires Others: Autonomy in Democracy and Education”
                        Susan Mayer, Independent Scholar,
                        “Reconceptualizing Deweyan Pragmatism for a Pluralistic World”
                        Megan Laverty and Bill Gaudelli, Teachers College,
                        “Reconstruction of Social Studies”
                        James Scott Johnston, Memorial University of Newfoundland,
                        “The Logic of Democracy and Education”
                        Chair: A.G. Rud, Washington State University

2:15 – 3:45 pm Dewey Through the Generations Panel:
                        The Aims of the Public Intellectual
                        Grassroots Movements and Organization
                        Justo Serrano Zamora, Institute for Social Research,Frankfurt am Main                         (Germany): “Challenging Public Inquiry: A Deweyan Approach to Emancipatory                         Movements”
                        Elizabeth Liu, McGill University: “Reaching to A Mature Social Life: the Ultimate 
                        Goal of Deweyan Democracy”
                        Stephanie A. Burdick-Shepherd, Assistant Professor, Lawrence University: “‘I’m 
                        here to speak up…!’ Illuminating John Dewey’s philosophy of participation through 
                         Malala Yousafzai’s childhood activism”
                        Respondent: Kurt Stemhagen,
                        Virginia Commonwealth University

4:00 – 5:30 pm John Dewey Society Annual Members Business Meeting

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