Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blogging in a Silo

Susan Gunelius asks this key question: are yoiu blogging in a silo? She writes:

There is a term used in business and marketing called the “silo effect” which refers to a lack of communication or coordination between business units and/or marketing efforts. Instead of working together, each team focuses solely on their own goals with little regard to everyone else’s efforts. It occured to me this week that bloggers should ask themselves whether or not they’re guilty of the silo effect on their blogs.

There are many blogs expressing progressive viewpoints on social and cultural issues. Many individual academics and scholarly socieites have blogs or newsletters. The question is: how effectively are they cooperating to get their ideas in circulation beyond the academy -- or in some cases, beyond their authors' field of vision?

Most scholarly socieities do not have an "engaged scholar" mission written into their mission statements. The Dewey society does. For this reason it can be a useful partner for engaged scholars and engaged members of scholarly societies.

After reflecting on the report about the March workshop at AERA Barbara Stengel writes:

I'm wondering about generating/investigating a network of "Deweyan" blogs, i.e. blogs that already exist out there that would "sign on" to the set of principles or whatever gets developed. Then put the JDS logo on the blog and put the links to other Deweyan blogs there as well. This might help folks find similar sorts of analyses of other issues and create a sense of community in the bargain. (If we looked for blogs with a Deweyan tone, we might even be able to recruit new members who didnt' know about the society . . . So add this to the list of possibilities.

So the task is for SI to stop blogging in a silo.

Please comment on any individual or organizational blogs or newletters with which we can partner in this way.

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Chad Lykins said...

I think this is a good idea. I post occasionaly on Deweyan themes, so feel free to include me.