Monday, November 12, 2007

NCLB Leading to Rising Applications at Alternative Schools

According to the New York Times, Alternative schools such as the Village School in Great Neck New York, are experiencing a rapid rise in applications as parents and students seek to escape from the madness of high stake test preap regimes.

The Village School accepts a maximum of 50 students, about one half in need of special education services, but is getting three times the number of inquiries it received just a few years ago.


philip said...

Well I am shocked to learn this. I mean, who could have seen this coming?

What will be funny (in a tragic sort of way) is when charter and alternative schools replace public schools and the entire sporting complex goes sour as colleges and the professional leagues don't have anyone doing all of the work for them.

What will be sad is when we've replaced "public" schools with "alternative" schools and those schools fall victim (too late?) to the same testing madness plaguing our neighborhood schools.


leonard waks said...

Thanks for the comment, Philip.

Please note: I lifted your post to the EPB on the Gaps.